DUBOC Romain

Romain DUBOC

IoT Engineer

Name:Romain DUBOC
Address:Les Sables d'Olonne, FR
I'm a technical Enginneer with an interest to build useful things or services with an ethical and environmental goal.
I design electronic systems since the age of 10 and I am the technical for all my close.
For over 10 years, I develop applications for myself and companies with one goal, reducing laborious tasks and improve the way we live and work.

When I’m not on the job, I like discovering beautiful places around the world, imagining a better world, and returning to the sea.

If you’d like to use my services or launch a project with me, please reach out via email (


Oct 2017 - present

IoT Engineer

Flex Sense, La Roche sur Yon, France
  • Hardware and software development of our connected oyster Flex Spy
  • Hardware and software development of our connected buoy Flex Analyser
Jan 2017 - Sep 2017

IoT Developer

Home Office
  • Open source HomeKit devices development
  • SigFox boiler controller prototyping
Jul 2016 - Sep 2017


Change For Time, Les Sables d'Olonne, France
  • Development of a free time-based currency
Feb 2016 - Dec 2016

IoT Engineer

Atlantic Group, La Roche sur Yon, France
  • Implementation of a Big Data platform for data processing and analysis
  • Contribution to the development of Cozytouch : connected product offer
Sep 2011 - Oct 2015

M2M Engineer | Technical Expert

Edelia (EDF Group), La Défense, France
  • Supervised and ensured the proper functioning of our 30,000 sensors in France
  • Ensured relationship with our hardware and software supplier
  • Implemented secure M2M communication and drove the deployment of SSL chain
  • Assisted sales to answer customers needs and specified new firmware features
  • Developed embedded software appliances for Energy Gateway (EdeliaBox®)
  • Qualified and delivered 6 main Firmware versions each year
  • Trained installers and customer advisors before the operational phases

Main projects

NiceGrid –

Development of gateway embedded software used to control residential batteries charge/discharge depending on house consumption, solar panels production and grid operator constraint orders



Development of hardware and software to manage energy consumption during on-pick hours


Technical environment: Linux on ARM, Java, OSGi, C, W-MBUS, 6LowPAN/802.15.4, Zigbee, REST, Webservices, PHP, JavaScript, SSL

Jan 2011 - Jul 2011

Software Developer Intern

Morpho (Safran group), Cergy (Paris area), France
  • WLAN on Smartcard.
  • Innovation project to secure WLAN.
  • Development on ARM926 and Smartcard.

Technical environment: C, SPI, FPGA, IEEE 802.11, Electronic board

Jun 2010 - Jan 2011

Software Developer Intern

Morpho (Safran group), Cergy (Paris area), France
  • Java and JavaCard demonstrator for RFID Smart Card.
  • Project linked to the Internet of Things.

Technical environment: Linux, Java/JavaCard, OSGi, RFID/NFC, XMPP, cryptography

Sep 2008 - Apr 2010

Web Developer

Après La Classe, Paris, France

Responsible for developing intranet and internet website of the company, I completed several innovative IT projects:

  • Implementation of an automated system for linking stakeholders with customers by geolocation.
  • Creation of a system for managing documents (identity papers, residence card …) to digitize all of our stakeholders administrative documents.
  • Linking the intranet with all banking systems to send the levy, bank card payment via the internet, retrieving and processing of statements.
  • Creation of an export system for accounting of the company.

Technical environment: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Banking payment

Jul 2007 - Aug 2007

Technician Intern

Thales Avionics, Vendôme, France

Assembly of Airbus autopilots on a production line.


Sep 2006 - Jun 2011

ESIEE Engineering School

ESIEE Engineering School, Noisy-Le-Grand (Paris area), France

Graduate school of electrical and electronic engineering, the equivalent of an MSc in Electronic Engineering, specializing in Embedded Systems.

Oct 2003 - Jun 2006

Baccalauréat S

Lycée Saint Joseph, Vendôme, France

Equivalent to UK A-Levels or US High school diploma, majoring in maths and physics.
Awarded with merit.


Jun 2009 - Jun 2009


ESIEE Engineering School, Noisy-Le-Grand (Paris area), France

Carback project GPS tracking for tracing and securing vehicle. C# Programming on Windows Mobile. Treatment and monitored in real time on a LAMP server.


Technical Environment: C#, PHP, Google Maps

May 2008 - Jun 2008


ESIEE Engineering School, Noisy-Le-Grand (Paris area), France

Realization of a mobile robot controlled via Bluetooth phone and video transmission via an onboard camera.


Technical Environment: C, Bluetooth, Video processing

Cédric Paumard

2014 Jun
Administrateur Système & Réseau à Garde Périscolaire

Lorsque j’ai travaillé à Après La Classe je devais gérer une équipe d’informaticiens, parmis eux se trouvait Romain qui était développeur.

Dès le début, il a su me montrer son professionnalisme, son souci du détail et sa grande réactivité. C’est une personne autonome sur qui l’on peut compter à n’importe quel moment.

Je suis donc ravis d’avoir pu travailler avec lui et je le serai à nouveau si l’occasion se présentait.

Thierry Grandpierre

2010 Jun
Associate Professor

Romain a assisté à plusieurs de mes cours et il a participé à un projet ingénieur.

A ces occasions j’ai pu constater que Romain était toujours très motivé autonome et compétent et je ne doute pas que maintenant ses aptitudes soient encore plus développées.

Hugues Talbot

2010 May
Professor at ESIEE

I supervised Romain briefly during a month-long project at ESIEE, he struck me as an independent, good-thinking engineer-in-training. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any internship involving technical matters, or even a first job. Contact me directly if needed.

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